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company news about The Application of Rotomolding Products

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Company News
The Application of Rotomolding Products
Latest company news about The Application of Rotomolding Products

Although with several decades history of the rotomolding technology, there are still some people who do not know much about the production of rotomolding products. Our company TOPGREEN manufacturer will discuss with you the application of rotomolding processed products.


1. Rotomolding technology is suitable for large and extra large mould products.

2. During the rotomolding production, it is very easy to change the color of the rotomolded products. Rotational molding directly adds the material to the mold each time, which makes all the material enter the finished product and take it out from the mold, and then add the material needed for the next molding, so when we need to change the color of the product, it will not be waste any raw materials, and do not need to spend time cleaning machines and molds. When we use multiple molds to rotomold the same plastic product, we can also add materials of different colors to different molds, and rotomolded plastic products of different colors at the same time.

3. Rotomolding products are suitable for forming hollow parts of various complex shapes. During the rotomolding process, the material is gradually coated and deposited on the inner surface of the mold, and the product has a strong ability to replicate fine structures such as patterns on the mold cavity; The pressure can be directly used to produce molds with fine structures and complex shapes by methods such as good casting.

4. Save raw materials. The wall thickness of the rotomolded products is relatively uniform and the chamfer is slightly thicker, so the efficiency of the material can be fully utilized, which is conducive to saving raw materials; in addition, in the process of rotomolding, there are no wastes at runners and gates. Once moulds fixed to produce, almost no material is returned to the furnace during the production process, so the utilization rate of the material by the rotational molding process is extremely high.

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