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company news about The Technology of Rotomolding Box

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Company News
The Technology of Rotomolding Box
Latest company news about The Technology of Rotomolding Box

Rotomolding technology


Rotational molding is also called Rotational Moulding. It is to put a certain amount of powdered resin into a cold mold (title: Mother of Industry), and the rotomolding machine drives the mold around two mutually perpendicular rotating shafts. Slow revolution and rotation, while heating the mold with an external heating source, so thatthe resin powder is melted and evenly coated on the surface of the mold cavity by its own gravity, and then the hollow product is obtained after cooling and demolding

Features of rotomolding process:

1. The cost of rotomolding mold (title: mother of industry) is low: the cost of rotomolding mold for products of the same size is about 1/ 3 to 1/4 of the cost of blow molding (a rapidly developing plastic processing method) and injection mold.
2. Rotomolding products have good edge strength. Rotomolding tech can achieve a thickness of more than 5 millimeters at the edge of the product, which completely solvesthe problem of thinner edges of hollow products

3. Can place various inserts to the rotomolding process

4. The shape of rotomolding products can be very complicated, and the thickness exceeds 5 millimeters;

5.Can produce fully enclosed products with rotomolding tech

6. Rotomolding products can be filled with foam materials to achieve heat preservation

8. The product is hollow and seamless, but the wall thickness can be adjusted to make the product have high strength

9. It can provide a variety of surface pattern treatments, produce various color products, can be used for anti-ultraviolet and anti-aging treatment, and can be used for a variety of stone and wood simulation effects.The medicine storage box mainly stores medicines, reagents, vaccines, biological products, blood products, etc., with a temperature range of 2-8°C.

The main application of rotomolding products

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